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iPhone analytics

Playtomic is the most powerful platform for iPhone game analytics and flexible, scalable services you can build on with confidence. Our iPhone analytics unlocks information nobody else can provide about how people play your game.

iPhone Analytics

Playtomic offers mobile game developers with analytics and game development tools that are specifically designed with casual gaming in mind. Our iOS API is designed for the special needs of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad game development.

Cross-platform casual game development tools empower you to provide a better user experience whether your game is developed for Flash, HTML5 or Android. You can easily use the same tools in all your iOS game development, share leaderboards and user generated content and more.

Because Playtomic is designed specifically for games we cover a variety of platforms so you can track detailed information as a cross-platform publisher and see how your game performs on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, the internet, downloadable and more.

Playtomic gives you detailed information on what is happening in your game including mobile device type and unparalleled access to detailed mobile gameplay information.

With detailed iPhone and iOS level metrics you can for the first time deal with one of the biggest problems with mobile gaming: level drop-offs. Looking for areas with sharp drops will show you exactly which levels have issues, and by storing configuration information inside our GameVars you can update your game instantly.

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Playtomic is free to use, you have pretty much no excuse not to use us!

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Great, free features waiting for your iPhone games:

  • Leaderboards
  • Level sharing for player-created levels
  • GameVars that let you make important updates to your game without resubmitting a new version
  • Custom metrics that let you track any information you want
  • Level metrics that give you deep insight into how users are actually performing in your games.
  • Engagement metrics that help you monitor the overall health of your user satisfaction and retention
  • Public reports you can share with your friends, advertisers or relevant parties
  • Heatmaps that can pinpoint troublesome areas in your levels or areas of focus on your screens