Ironhide Games case study

Case study - Ironhide Game Studio

Ironhide Game Studio based in Montevideo, Uruguay is the creator of the hit iOS and Flash game Kingdom Rush. With over 50 million plays to date, Ironhide chose Playtomic to better understand their players.

Here's what Alvaro Azofra, their co-founder had to say:

Alvaro Azofra
"Playtomic metrics really helped us during Kingdom Rush beta, specially to tweak level difficulty curve."
"We noticed many people could not progress beyond the early levels. Playtomic's metrics allowed us to know exactly what players found difficult about each level, so we could go ahead and tweak it without having to guess. By having instant reports we could see almost immediately if our changes had the effect we desired!"
Update: Ironhide Game Studio has launched the long-awaited iPad version of Kingdom Rush. Playtomic has APIs to track all your iOS games too. Sign up with Playtomic now to get them!

Player progression

How IronHideGames uses level metrics

In Kingdom Rush, the developer team used Playtomic to detect where player drop offs occur in each enemy wave. With this information, the team was able to smoothen the difficulty curve. Now, most players could reach the interesting parts of the game, instead of being frustrated in early levels.

Tweaking tutorials

How IronHideGames tracks tutorial popularity

A great tutorial makes a great game. The developer team for Kingdom Rush tracked how far along their players progress through the tutorial screens, and adjusted the content to produce minimum cancel rates.

Custom events

How IronHideGames uses custom metrics

Kingdom Rush utilizes Playtomic to track custom events, to see what players liked the most: from unit upgrades to buildings. The developer team found that players tended to overuse barracks. To solve this phenomenon, they placed a strategy tip on stage 2, to help educate players that barracks should be supported by towers.

What we can do

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