Why you need Playtomic

Playtomic is a platform for Flash, iPhone, Unity and HTML5 web and mobile games. It is an intelligence-gathering tool that enables you to make changes that matter and create better, more valuable and more profitable games, and a suite of services that let you build rich functionality into your games.

If you make games and you want to make informed decisions on how to improve your games you need Playtomic. No other analytics system can do this for you.

With Playtomic you can:

  • Use real time game analytics to improve player rentention and engagement by identifying issues in your difficulty progression, level design and other game elements.
  • Harness the competitive nature of players with the most versatile leaderboards for games.
  • Tap into players' creativity with rich, flexible level sharing that you have full control over.
  • Update variables in your game any time for balancing, news, switching ad networks or anything else you can imagine - no waiting days to get minor updates approved!
  • Create heatmaps of deaths, clicks or anything else for any part of your game.

Features you've been dreaming of:

  • Real time game analytics that are highly flexible with custom metrics and custom level metrics allow you to monitor your games success, identify problems and improve engagement.
  • Heatmaps that will show you in detail why players are unable to complete levels, and anything else you can imagine.
  • Highly detailed link tracking giving you detailed analysis on clicks on links in your game without routing the traffic through any external scripts.
  • Level sharing API allows your players to save the levels they make in your game, share them to permanent links on your or your sponsor's website, rate and play levels.
  • Leaderboards can be created from within your game dynamically, come in high and low score modes, and include custom data that can also act as a filter automatically giving you leaderboards for levels, characters or anything else in your game.
  • GeoIP API can be used to identify which country a player is in for localization, ads or anything else.
  • GameVars provide you with variables you can update from within Playtomic to change your game at any time - advertise your latest game, adjust difficulty and more.
  • Distribution for Flash games, or if you're a publisher you can download games for your site.
  • Custom databases you can use for surveys, feedback or anything else through our friends at Parse

Consistent API for multiple platforms:

If you're building your games for multiple platforms you're going to love using Playtomic, the API usage and functionality is very similar for every platform so you can focus on the stuff that matters instead of learning new APIs.

Our iphone analytics and mobile analytics function just like our Flash, HTML5 and Unity APIs. All versions of the API - ActionScript 3, ActionScript 2, iOS, HTML5, Unity, Android, Java and C++ - are thoroughly documented with examples that will get you focusing back on your game instead of banging your head against different APIs.

Simple, powerful interface:

A lot of time has gone into visualizing the data in Playtomic in an instantly intuitive way.

Massive platform support

Playtomic's API is available for casual game developers making Flash games, HTML5 games, iPhone and iPad games, Android games, C++ games and Unity games.

All versions of the API are fully documented, easily customizable and open, you can drop it into any Flash, Flex, FlashDevelop, FDT, Unity, Xcode, Visual Studio, Eclipse or JS/HTML5 game and use it as-is or extend it to fit your own needs.

Regardless of which version you use the API works almost exactly the same with only language/syntax differences.

We're on a mission

Our objective is to make making successful games easier, and we're constantly improving and adding more awesome features as our users give us feedback. Some of the best stuff we do comes from ideas our amazing users have. You're not signing up to use Playtomic, you're signing up to be a part of Playtomic!

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