Youdagames case study

Case study - Youdagames

Youdagames is large casual games portal with offices in the Netherlands and Macedonia. With a diverse portfolio of high production quality games including Flash, downloadable, console and mobile titles, Youdagames serves up to 1.8 million unique users per month, with over 700 affiliates in their distribution network. To better understand the millions of users playing Youdagames, they chose to partner with Playtomic.

Here's what Dennis Korf, their lead developer had to say:

Dennis Korf
"In each game you see a drop in players after each level. With Youda Survivor, we noticed that there was a bigger drop in the 6th level. We pinned the reason down to an unbalanced Scorpion character, which hurt players enough to demotivate them from playing more. Once we introduced the fix, more players progressed to Level 7, and we sold more copies of the game!"
"Playtomic's metrics helps tell if resources in levels are unbalanced. We can prevent cases where the user suddenly gets too many upgrades, making future levels too easy. We would be in the dark if it wasn't for analytics!"
Update: Youdagames have launched their long-awaited iOS game, Youda Beaver utilizing Playtomic's iOS API.

Player progression

How Youdagames uses level metrics

Player progression is crucial to the success of games. Steep drop-off rates will help designers identify the pain points of users. We helped Youdagames track numerous demo and pre-launch titles, including their hit game Youda Farmer, which generated tens of millions of plays. For survey and demo titles, Youdagames tested how long users would take to finish a level, and if the difficulty was right. It helped adjust the player learning curve before the real launch.


How Youdagames uses heatmaps

We helped track player activity in a Youda Mystery : Stackwick Legacy, a hidden object-based game. The heat spectrum represents users' clicks searching for hidden items in each level. Youda's team also tracked the positions where the player would drag and drop items, helping them close the gap between designer expectation and real player behaviour.

Custom events

How Youdagames uses custom metrics

Playtomic will slice and dice any custom metric you hand to us. You get back highly visualized reports. Some of these include unique user flows, in-game menu activity, exits due to the preloader screen, language modes and upsell rates of demo versions. We literally helped Youdagames track thousands of event types across all their titles.

What we can do

Playtomic gives you detailed information on what is happening in your game and unparalleled access to detailed gameplay information.

We offer game developers of virtually any platform, our analytics and game development tools that are specifically designed with casual gaming in mind.

Because Playtomic is designed specifically for games we cover a variety of platforms so you can track detailed information as a cross-platform publisher and see how your game performs on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, the internet, downloadable and more.

You can easily use the same tools across all your game development tools, share leaderboards and user generated content and more across other platforms your game is on. Our HTML5, Unity3d, iOS and C++, Flash and Android APIs are zero friction

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