Zombie Minesweeper case study

Case study - Zombie Minesweeper for iOS

Frogtoss Games is an independent game studio based in Vancouver, Canada. They released Zombie Minesweeper on the App Store in August 2011. A week later, they received rave reviews from iFanzine, GameZebo and TouchArcade. The development team chose Playtomic's analytics to gain better insights into their users.

Here's what Graham Jans, their lead developer had to say:

Graham Jans
"Thanks to Playtomic, we noticed was that no one was completing one of the powerup tutorials. I went back to try the tutorial for myself, and realized that I had introduced a crash bug on that powerup."
"We used metrics to confirm our design decisions: We loved the rabbits, with their crazy bouncing and scary noises, and wanted to add lots of them but were worried that they were too difficult. The metrics showed us they actually killed players very little, giving us the confidence to add more into the game and make it more exciting!"
Zombie Minesweeper on the iOS is built with Unity and uses Playtomic's Unity APIs.

Level Metrics

By tracking level begins, endings, replays and quit events in Zombie Minesweeper, the developers identified the reasons why users were getting stuck. This helped answer the following questions about their users:

  • Were they retrying levels multiple times?
  • Where they quitting the app?
  • Were they going back to the main menu?
  • How many tries did it take to complete a level on average?

This information helped them smooth out the difficulty curve. It also led the team to alter the death-respawn loop from the earlier prototypes, by analyzing these metrics from a closed beta.

Custom Metrics

Custom metrics in Zombie Minesweer

Playtomic offers a great deal of freedom to the developer. Add any tag to any event, and we'll track it. In Zombie Minesweeper, the developers study player interactions with in-game menu items, looking for new features that could be implemented.

What we can do

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