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Playtomic enables you to get into your players heads and make the improvements you didn't even know you needed. We are the only analytics system built to truly interpret and understand how people interact with our games and why we get the comments and ratings that leave us wondering where we went wrong. And we've been there, if we had Playtomic in the past we'd have better games today.

Our real time analytics gives you the kind of data that can make a difference to how your game performs by helping you identify the weakest points in your game, measure the changes you make and make your game more engaging.

iPhone, Flash, Unity & HTML5 games

We provide a fully documented, customizable and open API written in ActionScript 3, ActionScript 2, JavaScript, C# for Unity and Objective C for iphone that you can drop into just about any casual game and use as-is or customize it to your own needs. Best of all it has no negative impact on people playing offline or locally, and it doesn't load in a movieclip and introduce sandbox restrictions.

Regardless of which version you use the API is simple, following the same style across platforms so if you're developing multi-platform casual games you always have a familiar API to work with.

You can browse the API documentation for more info on how powerful yet easy it is, download our APIs or browse our code on GitHub.


Need a completely transparent leaderboard service that isn't an advertisement for someone else? You can configure high- or low-score leaderboards for your games in Playtomic that carry no branding but are full of features. They can be integrated directly into your Facebook application, can be used to show global or site-specific scores, and you can easily delete and block cheaters.

Leaderboards also support custom data and can be filted by that to provide leaderboards for individual levels, characters, cars, or whatever your game has.

You can create leaderboards either through the dashboard or dynamically inside your game. You can even have your players create their own private leaderboards to share with friends.

Versatile leaderboards

Level sharing

The Playtomic level sharing API provides a way to store and retrieve user-generated content for your game. Users can save, rate, browse and play levels other people have made, and they can do it all either anonymously or authenticated via any 3rd party service you're already using.

Each level has a standard set of fields and then a CustomData object which allows you to attach and filter by any additional data your levels need. You can also create your own permanent links for players to share levels on your or your sponsors' website.

Handle user created levels



Playtomic's GameVars allow you to store variables inside Playtomic and load them into your game at any time. They can be edited directly in your dashboard allowing you to make minor balancing tweaks, start a new advertising campaign, switch ad providers or anything else without having to resubmit or reupload your game.

Because you can store megabytes of data in every GameVar, and create as many GameVars as you need, you have extreme flexibility to integrate them into your game to control or manage anything you might like to change at a later date.

Update your game at any time

Custom databases

We teamed up with our friends at Parse to bring custom databases to platforms they don't natively support. If you're using iOS or Android you can use their SDKs directly, if you're developing games on Flash, Unity or HTML5 we've built in full support to enable you to use their platform.

Custom metrics

Track any information specific to your game with custom metrics you define. Custom metrics can track any events you want, like how many people are playing each difficulty level, what languages they select, the only limit is your imagination.

Tracking custom events in flash games

As of version 3 custom metrics can be limited to unique occurances only with an additional parameter, so you can track the unique number of people that did some action.

Level metrics

An impossible level can destroy your game's chances for success and you won't even know it until it's bombed. You can't trust the comments you'll receive - one guy'll say the game's impossible while the next person is calling him an idiot. What does it mean when a few people complain about your game being too hard while a few thousands stay silent?

There has never previously been a system that enables you to track and interpret performance of anything across your games levels. Level metrics can be the difference between a rating that kills your game and a rating that lines your pocket and delivers value to your sponsor. Used in conjunction with a controlled launch - like that week your sponsor wants the game exclusively - this feature can single-handedly rescue your game from problems you didn't even know existed.

The insight Playtomic delivers into how people play your game is the kind of data we wish we knew before we clicked upload and got a 2.8 rating. Playtomic delivers the functionality to do this.

Do you know how many people quit your game on each level?


Recent enhancements to our analytics system allows you to track previously impossible data like how many people abandon your game in the first minute, and even what locations people are leaving your game.

This kind of data has never been available before and provides a real benchmark we can use to track how engaging our games are and whether adjustments we make improves it.

How many people abandon your game in the first minute?

Immediate comprehension

We've spent countless hours refining and improving our interface to deliver the best and the most information in the most enticing way, and it shows. Our unique presentation style delivers data you can understand at a glance.

Our reports just make sense

Public reports that showcase you and your game

You can share information about your game with sponsors or portals including providing descriptions, download and play links and more. Check out the public reports for Trickochet.

Incredible public reports

Rich heatmaps

Track deaths, clicks, mouse location or anything else that's relevant to your game with our incredible heatmaps. You just upload a background of your level or menu, then you send us x/y coordinates for any activity that occurs and we show you where those activities are most concentrated.

Rich heatmap reports

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All of our APIs are very easy to implement, and our analytics are real time, so you can be up and running in just minutes.