Powerful, real time, game analytics

Playtomic's game analytics is the most sophisticated platform for casual and social games. It is an intelligence tool that offers deep insight into how people play your game and offers actionable data for improving your game and your players' experience.

Simple APIs

The Playtomic APIs drop right into your game and are so easy novice developers implement it without hassle. The APIs are available for Flash games using ActionScript 3 or ActionScript 2, for HTML5 games using JavaScript (like the awesome ImpactJS), for iPhone/iPod/iPad games using Objective C, and for web/mobile games built on Unity3d, Android games using Java or C# (Mono for Android), Java games, and C++ games.

Massive scalability

Casual games today get hit by millions of people. Playtomic is designed and proven to scale - we track hundreds of millions of events every day, and our leaderboards, level sharing and other services are designed to scale no matter how popular your game is.

Zero branding

The services provided by Playtomic have no interfaces or branding in your game allowing it to coexist with your sponsor, distributor or other parties in even the biggest hits, and seamless, deep integration of our player services that fit perfectly in your game.

Custom Databases

In conjunction with our friends from Parse.com we are able to provide casual game developers with custom databases they can use for anything they want, through ActionScript, HTML5 and Unity (they support iOS and Android themselves).

Platforms supported by Playtomic

Level sharing

The Playtomic level sharing API allows you and your players to create, rate, share and play levels within your game. The level sharing API allows you to include custom data and filter by it providing a highly versatile platform for your game to build on.


Playtomic leaderboards are the most versatile high scores solution that exists. Leaderboards can be dynamically created within your game and include custom data for scores. Score lists can be filtered by custom data automatically providing per-level or anything else leaderboards.


Our heatmaps for games are just insane. That's the only way to describe them. From in your game you send us x/y coordinates, in the dashboard you upload a screenshot and then when we mash them together you get a stunning visualization that can show you areas of interest.

You can also pull our heatmaps down into the Unity3d editor to get an awesome look at what's happening in your game: check it out!


Playtomic offers a distribution service for developers to spread their Flash games. Publishers can get games for their websites from leading portals and developers automatically via the customizable Playtomic distribution feed, or manually from the catalog.

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